JCAHPO has recently added Certified Ophthalmic Scribe to their list of certification exams. What makes this certification unique is that the certfication exam has no pre-requisites. Anyone can sign up for the exam, and once passed, you are a Certified Ophthalmic Scribe (OSC). Passing the exam is not a piece of cake, but it is definitely do-able for someone who wants to take the time and modest expense of studying a prep-course.

Why would you want to be a scribe? This is a relatively open door into the otherwise relatively closed world of ophthalmic technology. It can be a stepping stone to becoming a certified ophthalmic assistant, technician, or technologist. You can become a technician by attending an accredited program, but programs are scarce and expensive in terms of cost and time. You can go the on-the-job-training route, but employers generally do not hire the inexperienced. Thus the difficulty.

Job description of an ophthalmic scribe:

  • The role of the scribe is to assist the physician with documentation of the patient's medical record.
  • The scribe accompanies the physician into the exam room to transcribe the history and examination as given by the patient and the physician.
  • The scribe, under the direction of the physician, transcribes the impression and plan, results of tests, prescriptions, and orders.
  • The scribe documents any procedures that may be performed by the physician or ophthalmic medical personnel.
  • The scribe transcribes any consultations or discussions with family members.
  • The scribe does not usually directly assist with patient care, but may do so as directed by the physician.

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